COVID-19 Safety

Nothing is more important to us than ensuring that everyone stays safe and healthy while getting the chance to enjoy themselves this year.

Following Best Practices

As you may already be aware, the CDC has published COVID-19 related guidelines for holidays this fall and winter, including Halloween. You can view those guidelines on their website.

Our local governments have also published guidelines for staying safe and healthy, as well as some ideas for activities to do this year.

We've been reading up on every available resource, keeping an eye on daily trends and taking all the above information into account as we plan. Below are some of the things we'll be doing here at the house.

Here At The House

Rule Number 1: Please wear a mask!

Drive By / Walk By Only

This year, we won't be letting anyone come through the yard, so we're making sure that you can enjoy all the creepy coffins, spooky skeletons and ghastly ghosts from the safety of your car or the sidewalk if you're on foot.

(We'll also have cones and reflectors out to ensure cars and pedestrians all play nice!)

Six Foot Markers

We want folks that are on foot to be able to stop and take pictures, enjoy the scenery and stop at the Candy Chute without bumping into each other.

To help everyone remember their distance, we'll have markers and gentle reminders all along the route.

Mask Up

Everyone here at the Halloween HQ will have their mask on.

We kindly ask—if you choose to come by and visit—that you wear a mask as well for the safety of your family and anyone you may come across on your way.

Prize Chute

Just like the guidelines suggest, we're building a chute (or two) to deliver prize packages to you and your family from a safe distance.

Bonus, it'll make things even more fun to watch it slide on down and into your collection bag!

Prize Precautions

At The House

We know not everyone will want to take candy or other prizes home, but for those that do, we've taken a lot of precautions.

  • All bags have been prepped with gloves and masks worn at all times.

  • All the prizes and candy in each bag came fully wrapped from the manufacturer or directly from the store.

  • We've returned / rejected anything that wasn't individually wrapped or in the original packaging

  • We'll be using the chute (or maybe multiple) mentioned above to deliver all our prize packages

Around The Neighborhood

For all the prizes we'll be hiding around the neighborhood—the rubber ducks and other prizes mentioned here—we're also taking the utmost care to ensure they are handled properly. Everything has, and will be, handled with gloves from wrapper to hiding spot, and will be disinfected with Clorox Wipes well in advance.

Still, if you don't want to handle anything, we totally get it. You can take part in the Photo Treasure Hunt and maybe some other last-minute additions to the Events page.