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Why Halloweek 2020?

Our kids need something fun (and parents do too)

2020 has presented us all with challenges that none of us expected, and our children are having to navigate major disruptions in their lives, all without the social interactions they'd typically find at school, on teams or in clubs.

Wherever we can help them find an opportunity to participate in something that restores a bit of that normalcy, I think we should (safely) embrace it.

2020 is a special year for the moon on Halloween

  • TWO full moons in October means a rare blue moon on Halloween

  • The first in all time zones since World War II

  • Won't happen again for another 19 years (in 2039)

Learn more about the Halloween Blue Moon over at the Farmer's Almanac.

(At left is a shot I captured of the first full moon on October 1st)

A whole week lets us do things together ... apart

Being part of something doesn't mean we need to crowd around on one single night, that's why we've planned events for the whole week to keep kids and families engaged, and bonus, active! By spreading activities out, as well as ourselves, we can all have fun together while staying safe.

On Halloween night, we'll also have the house up and running, but we're taking a lot of precautions for those that do choose to come out for a visit.

We want everyone to have fun, safely. Please enjoy everything Halloweek has to offer, and help us keep everyone safe while having fun by respecting guidelines and being smart.

Where is all this happening?

Halloween night will be, as usual, at 16308.
You really can't miss it!

When it comes to prize hunting, you'll find everything within the bounds of Collingwood.


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