Events & Prizes

Great work on the first two days everyone! We've had great submissions for the photos each day, and I think all the duckies have been snatched up.

Good news, I've worked out a special activity for Friday with a very special prize! Stay tuned for details early Friday morning.

Calendar of Events

Full Calendar for Halloweek

Halloween Night Info

Obviously, Halloween night is the main event. We'll have the house up and running, but we're taking a lot of precautions for those that do choose to come out for a visit, so check out our COVID-19 Safety page for complete details.

If you're not going out on Halloween, we totally understand!

The rest of the week you can take part in any of the events listed in the calendar here and described in detail below. Some of the rewards for those events will be sent out digitally, and the remainder can be collected on the 31st, or we can arrange to get you your prizes another way.

For those that do visit on Halloween, Rule Number 1: Please wear a mask!

The biggest change "prize-wise" will be our Prize Chute. No matter if it's raining, clear, foggy, or anything else that October throws our way, we'll be handing out all our prizes and candy using one (maybe two) chutes to ensure that we deliver rewards to you and your children safely, from a distance.

We want everyone to have fun, but we want to do it safely, and for you to feel comfortable. Hopefully all of these options will give you some options to celebrate with us!

Friday Special Contest

Guess the weight of this pumpkin!

Yes, we know you can't see it in person, but that makes it even more of a fun challenge! We've included some facts below with the pictures to give some context. When you think you've got an answer, click the button to submit. On Saturday we'll announce the weight of the pumpkin and the closest guess will win a special prize!

Some facts about the pumpkin:

  • It has a 44 inch circumference around its widest part

  • It stands 13 inches high (not counting the stem)

Here is the pumpkin next to a size 13 running shoe on the left and a 7 1/2 on the right.

Managed to snag a picture of the pumpkin next to a regulation NBA-sized basketball just now.

Rubber Duck Hunt

Starting on October 26th, if you live in Collingwood, keep your eye out for one of these Halloween themed rubber ducks hidden around the neighborhood.

There will be six (6) new ducks hidden each day—October 26th-29th—for a total of twenty-four (24) ducks to find!

Bring all the ducks you find to our house on Halloween night and redeem each one for a special prize. (If you're not going out on Halloween night, see the COVID-19 Safety page for alternate ways to claim prizes.)

Check back here to see when each batch of ducks has been released and then head out to find as many as you can!

Update: Sunday October 25th

We've numbered each duck so you'll know it is related to our Rubber Duck Scavenger hunt, and so we can make sure every one gets collected. Peek under the duck when you find it to make sure it's part of the game.

Batch 1 - October 26


Great job today, it looks like 4 of 6 duckies were found so far!

Batch 2 - October 27


Day two and it looks like the duckies from both days have been found!

Batch 3 - October 28


Seems like Wednesday's ducks were all snatched up. Great work!

Batch 4 - October 29


There's still a couple duckies on the loose from throughout the week. Keep your eyes open as you make your way around the neighborhood!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Starting on October 26th, we'll also kick off a Photo Scavenger Hunt. Each day we will reveal a Halloween related item that you need to find somewhere in our neighborhood and take a picture of. Be one of the first three to do the following and you'll get a special Halloween e-gift sent to you!

  1. Snap a selfie with you and that day's item

  2. Visit that day's special link

  3. Fill out the form and submit

UPDATE: By popular demand, we're extending prizes to the first three submissions each day, not just the first one. So get out there and have some fun finding each day's challenge!!!

Photo 1 - October 26

Update: We've got our three submissions. Great work to all who participated. Remaining prizes on their way out soon.


Find a tree full of red leaves around the neighborhood and snap a picture of you and the tree.

Photo 2 - October 27

Update: Woo-hoo, or is it boo-hoo for a ghost?!?! All three submissions for the day are in. Great job everyone!


Find a ghost that is hanging from a tree or house and snap a picture.

And no, it can not be from our house :-)

Photo 3 - October 28

Update: Three leaves was too much. No winners 😩 We'll take it easier on Day 4.


Today's a bit harder. Go find one of:

  1. a maple leaf

  2. an oak leaf

  3. any oval (ovate) leaf

Make sure they have a fall color, and snap a pic of you with all three!

Photo 4 - October 29

Update: We had one cat found. Great job; very creative solution!


Find a black cat—real or a decoration—snap a picture and send it in.

In this case, it's good luck!

Super-Special Prizes

Rumor has it, there may also be one or more prizes out there during Halloweek that cannot be described by the living. Our incorporeal informants assure us that you'll know them if you see them though!

Keep an eye out for them while you are out hunting for rubber ducks and taking pictures, and maybe, if you're lucky, and the spirit world has deemed you worthy, you'll find one of these very rare prizes.

Check back here for hints from our undertaker, errr undercover agents, as the week progresses!

Where are these things anyway?

All prizes, ducks, photo opportunities, etc can be found within the green area on the map here on the week of October 26th. Happy treasure hunting!

More info is available on the General Info page.